About The Backyard Geeks

About the Older Geek

❝I don’t even know my own tumblr login anymore…❞

Perry G. Buote is the father and original Backyard Geek; happily married with two children, he’s determined to make their lives all about the wonders of Sci-Fi, anime, comic and cartons.

His start into nerdism started at the ripe age of twelve – Star Wars was in theaters, and the wonders of space were opened up to his very young and very framed eyes. It was then he realized his true calling; his true meaning in life…

Nerdism and all things geeky.

Perry’s Social Media

Twitter – pgbuote
Tumblr – pgbuote

About The Younger Geek

❝By the Marker!❞

Jesslyn “Marly” Buote is the youngest of Perry’s children, and the artist of the bunch. They’re the more hyped up out of the two, preferring to laze about than work on their tasks on hand (ie, editing the site for their father while “procrastinating” on their art).

They took their first step into nerdism at the tender age of five, watching Pokémon reruns on television before their schooling and nerding out over superheros with their older brother. Like their father, they didn’t realized her true calling until the age of ten years old, picking up their first Manga, CardCaptor Sakura

They doesn’t regret a thing.

Jesslyn’s Social Media

Twitter –  CottonCanada
WordPress- cottoncanada
Youtube – Marinta
a dozen more they can’t remember!


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