RCMP, Thank you

RCMP strong

This , This right here Explains Canada and Saluting in one Image .

R.I.P Constable Stevenson Constable Stevenson

Although your parade cannot go forth I start your visuale parade here and ask anyone to add and keep her Legacy Going.


Kitimats Aluminum City Telethon


Forty Years of this  Aluminum City Telethon and well I thought I would take a peek as I was Informed that I have Grandchildren in the show , And I know that John Degerness also had his grandchildren in the show So Here is a screen shot of the Telethon when they appeared .

And I hope All the grandparents are happy . Sending a link to everyone  .

Thanks for watching Perry

Let’s all Try to Save Central Canada Comic Con

Let’s all Try to Save Central Canada Comic Con  

Well It has been a few Weeks since our Fearless leader has announced to Manitoba and Winnipeg media that Central Canada Comic Con , was to be no more. 

  This doesn’t necessarily mean the end . It just means that all avenues of trying to get GRANTS and Incentives have been exhausted. Without these putting on a show as a promoter , makes life difficult . Someone has to guarantee the funds to the Rental hall [ who in this case raised the rent to a incredible amount ] Via attendance numbers of past shows . But this formula did not work anymore , as the Ticket price was not going to equal the rental fee for the Building , That’s how high the rent was raised. And the promoter who was trying to keep a formula that would allow people of all Income levels to attend with a low charge per day on tickets . 

What can be done , Well We were thinking about having a peaceful Protest near the RBC Convention centre in Winnipeg to show people passing by that , THE SHOW MUST GO ON

So On November 1st 2019 , We can walk along the front and middle sidewalks near the Convention Center with Sign ( pickets) notifying people who pass by that 

  1. The Rent was raised to a amount forcing us out of market 
  2. The economic impact to the area will be felt with lost revenues to Businesses
      1.  That the Conventions brought in people from around the world to share their Crafts and Personalities
      2. Most attendee’s this would be one of the only times they get to hear from A Famous Celebrity 
      3. Have conversations with people who have like Interests
  3. To see and hear about the opportunities of the craft of Science Fiction .
      1.  Via Acting
      2. Writing novels
      3. Costume design
      4. Set design and Props
      5. Colouring
  4. To learn how to create and develop Comic Book Characters
      1. Blocking
      2. scripting
      3. Colouring
      4. Publishing



This is in no way associated with ( Central Canada Comic Con ™ ) or the Promoters of River City Conventions .

Sorry Manitoba and Canada

This is from the CBCnews CBCnews  

I’Am sorry that our Provincial Government  will not support Central Canada Con with grants and support , I’am sorry that our Premier would rather help his friends get rich and cut health care so bad , that its going to hurt .That the major Business in the city knowing full well that C4 had 70,000 people for spending money in Winnipeg for the Three day period of the  Central Canada Comic Con 2018 

I ‘ Am truly sorry that the Royal Bank of Canada who brag’s they are for the people will not help sponsor a event . So i guess that all the RBC wants is a name on a fairly unused building because it priced itself out of the market for shows . But I ‘am truly Sorry that the Business of Winnipeg and Manitoba are no willing to help sponsor a great show, but then they have to explain to [ if they had children ] that they thought a little help was too much for the Joy of many people seeing they’re Movie and Television  Stars  .

Heck I’m just a little web blog and I have donated and given my all to support the  Central Canada Comic Con 2018  and Boy am I sorry that Big Business in Manitoba could not out sponsor me for one of our shows .

Been Away for a while.


I have been away for a while and the reason for my absence will be blogged about in the Future. It has nothing to do with this story. I just found this authors views interesting . As a parent with a child In the Spectrum I always look for guidance .

Here is a good read about Autism and the Burnouts they suffer . Included in the authors post is several links to reference material . The Author Ryan Boren from his blog  Boren.blog this link  will bring you to his Blog. It is a long read for internet standards but it is informative.

Here is a link to Ryan Borg


Late to the Dance as usual


Well the planes have a flaw and Boeing and the US government knew ,,But the government was shut down because of Donald Trump . the updates were available but that branch of government was closed .

here is a article from http://www.cbc.ca  737 Max 8  

Just a few days late . Seeing as how the Minister in charge was a pilot this should have happened immediately after he second crash .

The Start of this years Conventions

Hello everyone this year to the New Calendar for Conventions I will be attending .First off let’s start with Winnipeg Tattoo Convention 2019

I will be at the  C4Winnipeg  table . Handing out information about our Conventions and Shows . I Also will Be selling Bears , Beer Mugs, Wine goblets and trinkets . I will be filling in with the Staff of Cobra Collectibles  as they take Their breaks and or slip off to get more work done to Their tattoos  . It is the first tattoo show my Family  and I will be in attendance we each want a tattoo , my Wife and Daughter will be getting a mother Daughter ink , And I will be getting my Medic Alert bracelet tattooed on my arm .

Also strange as it sounds this will be my first Show where I will be a customer more than a Vendor .

Now next Month in April I will be at The C4Store   With over 200 Different Celebrity Actor Photos and Television Voice actors . With again all the nice things mentioned above . And there o course there is Me who will be available to answer question of where each vendor is and what is happening in the Q&A’s sessions .

so this C4 poster April 2019

Remember if you’re a C4Convention VIP or Member you have a ticket already to this show just show the ticket takers at the entrance your lanyard with the Conventions  2019 schedule on it  . please one and all This show is highlighting the local talent Pool of Artist’s and Artisans From the region.


Bell Lets Talk Day

Well today is a day that should not be all alone , It should be surrounded by every day that is conversation of whatever you wish to speak about , Try me I will listen and I will try my best to help . For everyone who doesn’t know it is Bell Lets Talk

Click on the link and then follow  the prompts . or just fire off me a Email or Text me to many of my accounts I ‘m really ready for anyone, My fault being that I give to much for everyone else , And very little for Me. But I will never regret helping ever .

That’s why I volunteer for many cause’s I really like to see other people happy .  that’s worth its weight in Gold for sure .

Today when a long lost friend calls to reconnect Listen , just listen Because if they were your friend in youth they will be in Adulthood. bell lets talk 2019

Happy New Year

new yewar 2019

Well , Another year is over and we have accomplished many good things this year . One of the Backyard Geeks sprouted and left Home to live  in Winnipeg, She is pursuing a new way of living by trying to re-enter College ,  this time not as a Engineering student but as a Graphic Artist , So with this she can create these lovely GIF’s that I always download. At least this one the artist had his name embedded into the art .

Times are changing all around Us, The Neighbours to the South are having a rather rough patch with they’re political system, And in 6 hours Their President will know what the meaning of ” Impotent president ” means . kind of make us feel sorry for them but No, This is what they wanted and this is what they got .

This year 2018 was a particularly busy one for me , It seemed that almost every Second day I was traveling to Winnipeg for one reason or another .  I was given new responsibilities for c4con.com , Currently at this time the website is down .

I was also amazed that I only spent a total of 20 days in the hospital this year, I think all them specialist’s are finally getting my medication correct .

We also added a new Furbaby to the mix let me introduce to YOU the and only Czex 20180404_145340_Film1

Yes he a barker, and a barker, and a yelper, and he talks to you like a Husky .  But he is certainly interesting.

You see it is hard for one (Me) to express myself , although I have never shied away from speaking . Expressing myself with only flat words that I cannot animate when speaking  , Is tough i guess I should be taking a class or something along the lines of writing skills but hey My thesis was on Arthur Erickson and his ability to integrate land mass into home environments . Which by the way had nothing to do with Mechanical Engineering but, my direction to the fact that using natural elements was in a way Mechanical use of elements for visual and spiritual ( Feng Shui ) .

Anyhow  I’m drifting here and going off topic. Which by the way should be my New Year resolution but why have a resolution only to break it a few days later , Let’s call it  “My New Year Goal” . As by Typing this out it could be noted that I did not make any promise that was not achievable, but in fact is Doable  if I apply myself .

Well Let’s all just say goodBye to 2018 and  farewell to many A great Artists that have left Us.  Bye Bandit , miss you Generalissimo  and Farewell Professor. 2018 celebrity


Look at what I found today ?


So I was perusing the interwebs and found this gem and figured out to add it to our site. lease go to the http://www.c4con.com site Video by  Half Light Productions  Wish I knew how to add it to this site but hey just click on the link and Voila  C4 video for you.

And it christmas time out here and of course my family is going all gangbuster for decorations

anyhow this is it for now and i will be adding more photos as soon as the Dog stops eating all the fake presents. Yes he has failed the presents test