new yewar 2019

Well , Another year is over and we have accomplished many good things this year . One of the Backyard Geeks sprouted and left Home to live  in Winnipeg, She is pursuing a new way of living by trying to re-enter College ,  this time not as a Engineering student but as a Graphic Artist , So with this she can create these lovely GIF’s that I always download. At least this one the artist had his name embedded into the art .

Times are changing all around Us, The Neighbours to the South are having a rather rough patch with they’re political system, And in 6 hours Their President will know what the meaning of ” Impotent president ” means . kind of make us feel sorry for them but No, This is what they wanted and this is what they got .

This year 2018 was a particularly busy one for me , It seemed that almost every Second day I was traveling to Winnipeg for one reason or another .  I was given new responsibilities for , Currently at this time the website is down .

I was also amazed that I only spent a total of 20 days in the hospital this year, I think all them specialist’s are finally getting my medication correct .

We also added a new Furbaby to the mix let me introduce to YOU the and only Czex 20180404_145340_Film1

Yes he a barker, and a barker, and a yelper, and he talks to you like a Husky .  But he is certainly interesting.

You see it is hard for one (Me) to express myself , although I have never shied away from speaking . Expressing myself with only flat words that I cannot animate when speaking  , Is tough i guess I should be taking a class or something along the lines of writing skills but hey My thesis was on Arthur Erickson and his ability to integrate land mass into home environments . Which by the way had nothing to do with Mechanical Engineering but, my direction to the fact that using natural elements was in a way Mechanical use of elements for visual and spiritual ( Feng Shui ) .

Anyhow  I’m drifting here and going off topic. Which by the way should be my New Year resolution but why have a resolution only to break it a few days later , Let’s call it  “My New Year Goal” . As by Typing this out it could be noted that I did not make any promise that was not achievable, but in fact is Doable  if I apply myself .

Well Let’s all just say goodBye to 2018 and  farewell to many A great Artists that have left Us.  Bye Bandit , miss you Generalissimo  and Farewell Professor. 2018 celebrity