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Well the Central Canada Comic Con 2018  show is over and it was again a great show.  All of the Celebrity guest were engaging to be around again like many of the Con’s on past. img20181030_12254846This was the second show where Michael Dorn  was a Guest and He was just as polite this time as the last show very interactive and posed for many selfies with the Con Goers . The line for Todd Haberkorn  the line up for him was pretty much constant all weekend , Todd known for his voice work has a very large following. Also Todd stood up for many selfies with the fans . Adrian paul and Adam BuoteNext up Adrian Paul  who also put on a side class The Sword Experience which he also does for individual and team building and corporate events . Had a really good memory as he met my Son , Adam years previous when we had all the actors from The Hobbit series in attendance . Jewel Staite  had many a rush of autographs seekers and many attendee’s in the photo-op booth , Most of you would of course know her from Firefly and recently Stargate Atlantis , The Magicians and The killing. Paul Blake and Dave Barclay got into they’re rhythm half way through the convention when suddenly some Starwars people started lining up with their action figures to be autographed the Two gentlemen never turned anyone away from telling a good story of the making of the Franchise . Corin Nemec had to cut his show short as he was called away , as these things happen when you hire an Actor they sometimes get called back during our show, but before he left I kind of left him leaving with a good name Mix-up like no other ( not true ) because I screwed up Richard Comley with a wrestler many years ago as I was announcing guests to each other at a meet and greet now that was one funny and yet humbling experience.

But hand down this year in only my opinion was David Haydn-Jones  , This man would walk with the guests to the photo-op booth and have a chat with them along the way, He was standing most of the show and he was always getting selfie requests , He also answered one of my Son Adams  many questions about #Supernatural  , Then at the absolute end of the Comic con as he and Jewel Staite walked out he stopped by my booth and shook hands with me. apparently He had given Adam a Michael Knight POP figurine   20181103_214708

just for asking him if He will be returning as a Man of Letters in the Show. He explained that he doesn’t know as these show’s are filmed and written so fast that they get only a few weeks notice , But loved the role.

Next up about the show was the fun part as you see that the beginning of these events they are pretty bare and empty buildings. 20181025_131637

the initial set up took me and Jesslyn about a good 5 hours to put up all the Autographs and sort out the clothing , and memorabilia from past show’s . Most of Mike’s Collection , Owner of  Cobra Collectibles was cataloged by Myself and his Eldest  during the previous months just to get ready for this show and future shows to come . 20181025_16540920181027_16281820181027_162835

Another thing that was terrific about this show I was directly across from Sammy Castillo of TSCastilliostudios when , Miss Sammy would get change at her booth she would collect it and then send her family to me to exchange it for paper money apparently our coin doesn’t travel well . We had a nice discussion on who was the recipient of the Castillo Award . My only regret is that I do not have a decent photo of her Booth this year.

The Cos-Players this year brought a whole new game to the show the Attendees were all  intertwined with the Cos-players mingling with each other and posing for photos and then there was Pikachu 20181027_124107

And the Fairy Grandmother or cousin or Aunt or whatever , Who could not grant my wish for the winning lotto numbers as that was not Her department 20181028_133248

As for the other TheBackyardgeek it is up to Her to add her own feelings on how this years show turned out .

Thank you for now Perry