Well  okay , I ” am sorry about not keeping up with my site, Been occupied with my youngest  Geek going to College . Can you say happy Dad  or even Proud Father I ‘am both. Most of the Summer was taking up my time with helping family members relocate and to assist my mother in a move, Her home was hit by a Tornado , and lucky She was not home But My older sister was there and she managed to capture images of the cloud before it formed into a funnel cloud.

This year at C4Winnipeg    the Artist and Guest line up is really diverse and for the Better


     And this year I will include a Map of the Vendors . And Artist and Well where we will be and when. C4 Floor Map  . And if you wish or need help at this years show I will be at the C4Store , and Infobooth and costume contest sign up and Well if you have a question I will be at that booth . I wish I had photos of the Horror Con but I had a great showing at the C4Store and being beside the Guest Richard Brake ( GoT Ice King) who was really interesting and so polite to all of us, and no He did not give us any spoilers as to how the season will end.

P.S. found some horrorcon photo’s