Ok so just a little bit late as due to time management skills starting to Suck big time. And well it was A nice clamer but not without its negative moments . But due to a Non Disclosure Agreement I will say  , That a certain web site that bashed us was totally with the ability to tell time . This was to my Knowledge the only Major discrepancy between Guest Vendors and Celebrities .

The complete Open environment has helped with traffic flow patterns being greatly used and they were a success. As Usual I very rarely have time to Meet with and have time amongst the Celebrities  , but with some luck this year I snuck in a John Rhys Davies shootJohn Rhys Davis 2017 Now the way this Artist gets you to join in for a Photo-op is just brilliant . He was totally enthralled with the previous person in the photo op line and they’re Robot . but like other people I have met he is quite tall a man .

Next up is Jim Beaver , long time Actor and a person who was more excited to be at a con then 1/4 of this years  Congoers . while upon arrival to the Photo-Op booth I do believe he had a skip in his step rare again to see considering his stature in the Artist field . Jim Beaver 2017

We have many more photos to share and stories to TRY to tell