Well on the 12th of this month Jesslyn and I attended at book reading  of the novel Son of A Trickster and signing by Eden Robinson . A  Author that just happen’s to be from the Same Town I grew up in through my School years untill I left  Kitimat Bc..


     Let me tell you this you lady had an incredible laugh that would stick in your head even long after you met her. And her sense of houmor was  incredible . belwo is some images of the day with I hope a little video clip.eden-robinson-and-me

Do not be alamerd by the Big huge guy that looks like the cookie monster on Majic brownies. the funny part is tthe croooke glass’s are showing the wrong eye that has the squint. or as the old folks home would say crazy eye.

Our Horror Con 2017

Well once again this was a good show  with a lot of local vendors, and most of them have very good ware’s seeing as how I missed the last show  this was a good beginning to my year. Met up with many of my friends that we have made up with lost time and long-awaited meetings of the Nerd kind.

A couple of new venders with different types of items we picked up a Oculus headset , and an autographed photo with Adrienne Barbeau in another family photo minus my wife and their Mother who stayed home. adrienne-barbeau-2017

and there were many new and improved cosplayer at this show I and my fellow Geek were impressed with the new variations on old theme’s

And of course Winnipeg’s own Kim Brennan artist extraordinaire 20170211_113855

The new section of the RBC convention center. As this was the first time i have seen it   has some rather surprising artwork from all over Canada and static art that of course we sat on to rest my tired bones. eh security didn’t say anything so what the hey .20170211_131109

Any how all the blurry photo’s are complements of me .  Sorry A.P. Fuchs I forgot to take a photo of you I will get one next show I promise


MY Version of the first Trudeau/Trump Press confrence

Trudeau: Madame est Monsieur , Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce The President of the United States of America Mr Donald J Trump……… pause for effect

Trump: Thank you Thank you, i have just met with the Prime Minister of Canada, you know Justin Trudeau. And I can tell you I have had a good discussion with him, You know The leader of The Canada’s, Justin Trudeau.  I have brought to his Attention , Justin Trudeau you know Him  he,s a nice guy i have met him , I have talked To him,  Nice guy , seeing as this is the first time i have met with Him.  I told him about the thing called NAFTA , you know about nafta , it means Now America First Try Again . That’s right  N.A.F.T.A what we or I  Donald Trump the President of the United States of America believe I should renegotiate in good Faith(*1) . I the president of USA find that this agreement is a great insult to the American People(*2). we or I have told him you know Mr Pierre  .. I mean Justin Trudeau that I need to get more for America first. …. pause for crickets chirping. you what I ‘ Am trying to tell you Fellow future Americans,, oops sorry Fine Canadians is that we should work together to make America Great again….Pause again for more absolute silence.

French interputer : ahe tabernac Etat’s Unis President cest Putain de cul de chien muet passe-moi cette bouteille de Canadian Club, oh mon dieu j’ai besoin d’un boire dès maintenant.

Spanish interputer : Perro tonto maldito culo. me paso esa botella de Canadian Club oh mi Dios, necesito una bebida ahora.

*1 Faith means what The Donald wants he complains about the high cost to the Donald and not fellow Americans is. As we all know The Donald needs more profit for his children’s Future.. Heck it’s not like he ever paid any tax’s himself that’s for the poor smoo’s who voted him in.

*2 People ; the common folk who will gladly give me money that i will not declare on my imaginary Tax returns because after all I try to pooch the American people as hard and as often as I The Donald can. Yes that right I told the IRS my holding are only 39 million and I  then told “fourbe” oh sorry Forbuzzz that I  The Donald is worth 3 Billion. ha the smucks at the IRS bought it .

disclaimer this is just a prediction not the actual truth but just turn you head slightly to the right and cough. and no there will be no reach around .


Justin Trudeau’s decision not to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration last week attracted criticism from a variety of political commentators concerned the decision would irk Donald Trump. But according to government documents obtained by the National Post, the U.S. government asked senior Canadian officials as far back as July not to attend. A July 25th email…

via Dispatches from Washington embassy show behind-the-scenes advice Ottawa got on Donald Trump — National Post – Top Stories

Happy New Year~! 2016/2017

Happy New Year

to every one It is not like I’Am going to miss 2016 but hey it was a lousy year for Me also. missed my first  C4Winnipeg 2016 ever due to health circumstance’s  . So i hope you all have a better year in 2017

  • Perry Buote

Happy New Year, ya’ll!

This year has been a shatty year for us all, but just keep yo heads up. 2017 can only be a great year if we all put the effort into it!
Also, it was a sorta good year for me – made 12 dollars on stickers this year C4, so it was cool.

Have a good year!!!

  • Jesslyn “Marly” Buote

UN warns Assad may launch brutal assault to crush ‘what is left’ of Aleppo before Trump inauguration — National Post – Top Stories

The UN Special Envoy for Syria on Tuesday said he was worried that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could launch a new offensive to crush eastern Aleppo before U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated on Jan. 20. Staffan De Mistura did not explain why he thought Syria might make such a move, but European diplomats have…

via UN warns Assad may launch brutal assault to crush ‘what is left’ of Aleppo before Trump inauguration — National Post – Top Stories

The Geeks Hit Comic Con!


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During the last weekend of October, the 28th to 30th, the Backyard Geeks are hitting up Central Canada Comic Con for our yearly geek outing. Jesslyn ‘Marly’ Buote, the youngest Geek, is going to be with Cre8ive Supplies demonstrating art supplies and selling their prints. Perry ‘Elder Geek’ Buote is going to be roaming around the convention along with Adam ‘Gonzo’ Buote.

Perry should be able to reach fairly easily, along with Marly, but if you were thinking of speaking to the infamous Gonzo…Luck shan’t be in your side.

Make sure to meet the Geeks!