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As an avid webcomic reader, I’ve have a nice collection of comics bookmarked to catch up on – and a lot more merch to support the creators for. While I have a ton that I love reading (and rereading) to recommend, today I’ve decided to showcase my three current favourites.

Butterfly Blues

A webcomic that takes place in a world destroyed by the Gods, following the journey of a homeless trio who takes on a job to help two brothers from a prestigious family hunt down an infamous terrorist group, Butterfly Blue.”

Butterfly Blues has been on my reading list since it came about last September – especially so since I’ve been following it’s creator for years. Haley Wall (more ‘famously’ known as SpoonyChan), her s/o Devon McEowen (more so known as hideki16seiyuu) and their friend Aaron Rachwitz have been working on this world for a couple of years I believe – Haley having the idea for five or so years, thus the creator, partnering up with their partner, Devon, the writer, and close friend Aaron, the main artist.

Through their collaborated efforts, they’ve made a breath taking comic thus far – prologue and chapter one being the two chapters they’ve done thus far. Though, of course, given time, this webcomic could become much more than it is.

I mean, it’s a steampunk, post apocalyptic,LGBTIQA+ comic. Even if you like those things on their own, you can admit – having them together makes it even more amazing.

The group assure us the comic would be as diverse as they can make it, qouting from their FAQ,

The writers felt it was important to include as many marginalized groups of people as was feasible. In the post-apocalyptic setting, racial diversity seemed extremely likely. The inclusion to a large number of LGBTQIA+ characters is due to the fact that a major theme in Butterfly Blues is identity, as well as all three of the creators are queer and non-binary. While we can’t represent EVERY group of people, we make an effort to be as inclusive as possible!”.

The seer fact that it’s as diverse as it is, and the fact the wrtiers are making an effort is enough for this comic to be one of my current favourites.

…And I might have a thing for three of their characters already.

Devon, Haley and Aaron also have a Patreon to help support them, and yes, they plan on making each chapter into a ‘dub’/fully voiced production. I mean, with such voice actors as Nowacking and bunnyriod as a few of their actors, you can expect quality content.

Link to Butterfly Blues || Link to Patreon

Law of Purple

A very long story about a family knit together between different worlds.

We’ve heard me talk about Law of Purple before: it’s a long form webcomic that started in 2004 by Jesscia Segaard – or as most people know her as, Golden Dragon Girl. It follows a family brightly coloured Aliens: Red, Blue, Green, and Whitey. Yes, their names are their colour – it’s explained further along in the comic.

I’ve been following this comic since 2009 – which means, yes, you have a lot more to read to get to the current story line then you have with Butterfly Blues. But, again, it’s worth it in my opinion. At the start, the art style is roughed, but then again – everyone starts somewhere. Comparing the older pages to the current, you can see GDG’s improvement in anatomy, colouring and comic-ing.

Since GDG has been working on this project for years, it comes with a hefty amount of comic to go through – and as always, I’d suggest reading it from the start. However, there are some one-off chapters that I’d demand anyone would read.

Behind Blue Eyes” is a chapter where one of the main characters, Lette, took the first few steps of discovering herself. THIS chapter has been one I’ve done back to again and again, since it’s easy to feel and understand where Lette came from, and how her influence helped out be the woman she is today.

Daddy’s Girl” follows the same character and where she learn what her father did for a job (hint: it ain’t a normal job!).

Law of Purple does have some trigger warnings you should be aware of: extreme violence, rape-as-a-backstory (handled as sensetivity as they could), genocidal villians, emotional mood swings from ‘nowhere’, etc. If you can handle these issues, you can easily read through Law of Purple.

Jessica also has another webcomic I adore, “Alien Revenant”, but it’s on hiatus until she could meet her stretch goal on Patreon.

Link to Law of Purple || Link to Patreon.


After losing his memory to a mysterious battle, Trace Legacy, a former leader for an organization of mages called the Templar, finds himself in the company of Flora, a girl of strange, tiger-like qualities. As Trace gradually begins to re-learn what he once knew, he soon discovers that Flora belongs to a race of people who are enemies of his kind. As friendship confects with racial differences, Trace and Flora find themselves in a situation more critical than either of them can imagine.

TwoKinds is another long form webcomic, started in 2003. It’s also a webcomic I found rather recently – close to the end of 2016, I believe, so boy: did I have a lot to catch up on. TwoKinds follows Trace Legacy and his group of companions Flora, Keith and Natani. The creator, Thomas Fischbach, has out did himself during the time frame he had with this comic.

The world of TwoKinds is massive. You have three ‘races’ that live this world – The Humans, which are, ofcourse, humans, Keidran, which are canine and feline based animals who walk on two feet, and Basitins, a little known race which are bipedal, long-eared sentient animals as well.

Out of the main cast, we have two Keidran (Flora the tiger and Natnai the wolf), and one human and Basitin (Trace and Keith). Out of these four, we have a long story line ahead of us.

Trace lost his memories of who he was, a former leader of the Templar group, Flora who needed Trace to help make the world safe again, Keith who also needs the man to bring him free of his banishment, and Natani…Who tried to kill them all.

One thing I didn’t expect from this webcomic was my attachment to the character Natani, who’s a transgender, dfab, wolf. His story of coming to terms to himself as a person and his role in this group was handle as well as it could be – the slip up with pronouns aside – and it made someone like me, who’s also transgender and questioning, feel a lot better about myself knowing that even a fictional character can go through the same feelings as me.

Unlike Butterfly Blues and Law of Purple, you’re able to buy TwoKinds in bookform – which is something I liked being able to do. There’s something about reading a webcomic as intended to be that makes me happy, alright?

If you want to read TwoKinds though, just expect a lot of reading – even more so if you’re reading this right after Law of Purple. It’s about the same amount of chapters, if not a tiny bit more.

Link to TwoKinds || Link to Patreon