tommy castillo twitch

When I received the Message from Tommy’s Family of his passing I had a sudden flash back to all of our interactions.  I really cannot remember that actual first time we met but it was at a RiverCity Comic and Toy Show in Winnipeg Mb . His inital hello was a surprise as at the time I was not aware that visitors of these show were allowed to interact with Celebrities. Many show later I was informed that this type of hi neighbor attitude was common in these shows.

after several years of meeting at Comic shows the banter between Tommy and his partner at the time Samantha was always fun and enlightening to learn of ART.

Then it was about 2012 when I was volunteering Tommy and I sat down before the Diner at  we got to talking about HOW, how I was attached to the show and why. He was genuinely Interested in this information, This surprised me as that a good majority of the Celebrities do not concern with the Volunteers.  I have told him of how Mike Paille  had asked me to join his band of Volunteer’s for his shows back in  December of 2006 . I said Ok in a sort of scared way, .

Tommy than asked if I was associated through like being one of the promoters I sort of chuckled and said No I’m just a normal person that said yes to Mike and Violet, I just volunteer and sometimes my daughter does some of the minor print jobs for them.  After this he then went on to talk about his new wife Sammy  and their voyage to this years show like I had known him his whole life (Which I have not) , then Tommy sent one of the volunteers on a “Witch-hunt” for a Cigar for him to have before Diner now that was funny, this poor girl ran off like her whole world would crash if she did not complete the task, and then 1 Minute later Sammy show’s up with the desired item in hand wondering where their liaison disappeared to?. The smirk on Tommy’s face was  ( A to bust a rib laughing it’s our inside joke ) SMIRK. That diner night was golden every on got to interact and a Nice night of meeting and greeting Celebrities.

At the end of that Convention as we were all breaking down the show Tommy and Sammy motion me to their Table and without hesitation he said ” here take these sketches to the Volunteer table to hand out for all the good work they did for us” This act alone showed me that he was not only talented but also very giving to those who have given to him.

after hooking up at several show  the conversation started to become like we were friends , the conversation were of normal topics like how the Family and how is every feeling this year, normal banter. he then tells me that they have noticed that my Daughter had frequented their table but never asked any questions. I replied that Jesslyn was not only in awe of his work but scared of his presence because he was outgoing and she, Jesslyn was timed and overwhelmed by his talent it took several years for her to get up the courage to speak to Tommy.

Jesslyn Tommy and Sammy

Then following a meet and greet get together at we were all sitting down and chatting , At this greet I was busy introducing many of the Celebrities to each other , Even though they know who “they are” and who they are with it is customary to introduce every one . At this particular evening I had seen for my first time Two celebrities nerd out on each other this of course being  Tommy Castillo and  Rene Auberjonois  they both started on Artistic skill and how they warm up for a show.  It to me and Jesslyn who was sitting in the same couch amazing that this happened even at they’re level of “Stardom” this happened at all.

The following year as per Tommy’s instruction to Jesslyn she was to bring in her portfolio for him to critique. and this was the photos of that event tommy castillo looking at Jesslyn

He was truthful and at this pint started her off on a new path to doing sketch work and art , his word though they sort of stung Jesslyn she understood what he was saying to her immediately, Tommy then requested that she send her work to him for further critic and he would not what and how to correct her work. this was A Great Moral booster for Jesslyn for sh was about to get a Mentor, Teacher and advisor.

Jesslyn and I would watch the Twitch channel of Tommy Castillo Atelier and join in on the chats while he was working , and these Twitch show were very engaging as to learning how and what to do in certain areas of creating art . The sadest part of always heving a conversation with both Tommy and Sammy is that we never took photos of each other, This is a lesson that has struck e ( leaving me to think ) that of all the guests hat have ever attended at a  and I interact with I have never taken a personnel photo, only the photo ops that pay for the guest appearance . will surely miss seeing Tommy Castillo but we will always know that on our wall is one of his gifts to the world a Painting by Tommy Castillo tommy castillo wall photo

Rest in Peace our Friend and may the great Masters greet you with a smile and a brush while saying “We Have been waiting for you Good Sir.