Let’s all Try to Save Central Canada Comic Con  

Well It has been a few Weeks since our Fearless leader has announced to Manitoba and Winnipeg media that Central Canada Comic Con , was to be no more. 

  This doesn’t necessarily mean the end . It just means that all avenues of trying to get GRANTS and Incentives have been exhausted. Without these putting on a show as a promoter , makes life difficult . Someone has to guarantee the funds to the Rental hall [ who in this case raised the rent to a incredible amount ] Via attendance numbers of past shows . But this formula did not work anymore , as the Ticket price was not going to equal the rental fee for the Building , That’s how high the rent was raised. And the promoter who was trying to keep a formula that would allow people of all Income levels to attend with a low charge per day on tickets . 

What can be done , Well We were thinking about having a peaceful Protest near the RBC Convention centre in Winnipeg to show people passing by that , THE SHOW MUST GO ON

So On November 1st 2019 , We can walk along the front and middle sidewalks near the Convention Center with Sign ( pickets) notifying people who pass by that 

  1. The Rent was raised to a amount forcing us out of market 
  2. The economic impact to the area will be felt with lost revenues to Businesses
      1.  That the Conventions brought in people from around the world to share their Crafts and Personalities
      2. Most attendee’s this would be one of the only times they get to hear from A Famous Celebrity 
      3. Have conversations with people who have like Interests
  3. To see and hear about the opportunities of the craft of Science Fiction .
      1.  Via Acting
      2. Writing novels
      3. Costume design
      4. Set design and Props
      5. Colouring
  4. To learn how to create and develop Comic Book Characters
      1. Blocking
      2. scripting
      3. Colouring
      4. Publishing



This is in no way associated with ( Central Canada Comic Con ™ ) or the Promoters of River City Conventions .