Hello and Welcome

So we or I’am a 50 year old Father of Two,With a wife that really hates Sci Fi, Animie an Cartoons.But We three  Cannot live without them, If they are on the Tv or the Internet We are there.

Comic Cons an Toy shows are the thing we try to get to . Sometimes over spending our allotted budget but always getting what we intended to find.

Number one Son collects all he can get his hand on Superman, Batman, Spiderman An  of Course  Lou Ferrigno .

Number one Daughter well she will be editing this page for me from time to time. Her thing is Art supplies Animie an Vic Mignogna.

As for me It is of Course  Dr Who….. which is not the end of the story. you will see like a Whovian this site will go back  and forth thru our time line as we create our site.