Yes it is, C4Winnipeg  Central Canada Comic Con is here, This is like the non-committal Ultra holiday for Everyone to enjoy. Here this weekend the Fun and the Magic of all those paperback and those Comic books that you read and have great fond memories of,,, Well They come to Life.

You will be intertwined and surrounded by your Heros of Comic lore. Some of you will be walking with the characters of a favorite movie, And some may get a Photo op of you shaking the hand or Posing beside the one Villain,Hero or Defender of the dreams.

Ok so the other holiday is also around the Corner, yes its Halloween a Candy Crush adventure into costume wearing non spirit spooking event of Celebration. According to folklore this is the day the Spirits get to walk amongst us play like they were children and not worry about their appearance. During this C4Winnipeg  is also happening.COINCIDENCE I think NOT

So whilie your in the line to get into the Convention in Winnipeg or the Movie next week bring along a Donation of Food for the Winnipeg Harvest there is always some way to help others.

Thank you And Halloween Apples to All .. P