So it has been a while since I have posted or even given a poor rant, But Alas we are into another  Election run here in Canada. I can make meme’s and post pictures against the “MAN” until I’Am blue in the face but if people do not Vote then they should not complain .

The right to complain and have a say in your future is not in the hands of the local MP it is in your hands, If you do not pester and ask you Member what are you doing for ME ?. Then you will get these flyer in the junk mail folder and in the Real postal community Box by the compliment of the MAN, Truly. Every time I go to a political protest I ‘am amazed at how the Citizens of Canada complain all be it politely against the government , The only thing that comes to my mind is the image in Animal House where Kevin Bacon is being spanked and saying “Thank You Sir may I have Another” . This is Us/We/Canada.

The theme for this Election Campaign in Canada should be Lets see who can dangle the biggest Carrot . The PC party gave you some invisible money and forgot to mention that your tax’s will have to be paid on it later. The Liberals are throwing a Veiled curtain of we can be the Lessor Evil, Now as for the NDP party it looks like their campaign Theme is Who’s the Greater Evil.

Wow if history has taught us anything and I know we have not learnt a damn thing , Us mindless Canadian Spawn can be bought off with 3 Beers and a gratuitous Boob Shot-(Six  Pac Abs) for the Ladies . then eights months later after the first session of Parliament sits we find out that the Hangover was Self induced and we say with a hearty toilet filled with regret. Thank You Sir May I Have Another.  I have another rant reay for later but must save it for closer to the decision day, After all the Pc’s will tell us two weeks before the vote ISIS is attacking , our Money is Strong , Your Million Dollar home is worth 1Million but actually only 200grand . But we will give you Credits for the balance.

Only if your a Member of “My Party” sorry “Our Progressive Conservative Party ”

ps I know my writing skills suck but hey I’am trying