We here in Manitoba are in quite the conundrum , We have a provincial election where we have but three Choice’s.

1 We vote for the butt head who’s in power. now I’m not naming names Here because this rant could be used for any Election Federal ,Provincial, Municipal and last but not least leader of the Bubble Gum Patrol .

Candidate one has  Lied to or face and when confronted with proof of his lies he claims the he has only made a statement in a promissory way . He raised our tax and yet I see now benefits of the tax increase trickle down too Us . He has prolonged health care issues to the point where the people DIE first before there is a solution to their pain. He has lost the ability to lead but has maintained the Power of being  the HMFIC.

2 A spoiled rich man who has no interest in the people but only wants the Title that he cannot afford to buy outright, He is looking to add to his trophy case this position of being Premier, We know his platform is to Cut , NAY, RAPE the Heath Care system in our province . He has let it be known that He will reduce the amount of Nurse’s and support staff at hospitals. He has made it perfectly clear that our School system is well too extravagant and it to needs to be reduced in size and amount of fund available to Teach the youth that may in the future replace his sorry But.

3 A upstart Candidate who is refusing the aide of the people who came before Them , Listen to your elders young Candidate you are in charge of a potentially huge entity , People are there to help you on your journey Take their Help for the love of (Whoever you Pray to ) . and I’m not being racist here you could put in any candidate and it would still be (? Who’s your Deity )

This Province has had the Tax life sucked right out of us and we always say “Thank you Sir may I have another” if you were to keep every receipt of every thing you purchased in the last few years you will find that you are being hit hard.  This is the only province were the poverty line is just above the minimum needed to get a good meal at a restaurant. and by the way the Server at said restaurant is starving also because Rent and food and hydro in Manitoba is more per month than any one person’s salary .

But We are Canadians and we have always voted the same pattern. Candidate A has pissed us off so now we vote for Candidate B , It has never changed and it never will, we will now be into four to five years our Premier is a “Dick Head” . So who ever wins in 6 days just Don’t be a DICKHEAD