So I have picked up this years posters for the C4 Winnipeg   at  The RBC  Convention Center . I have been posting in my region of Steinbach Mb and Belmont Mb and some will be in Killarney Mb by tomorrow .

Personally I will be waiting for the Q&A with William Shatner on Friday Oct 28th at 5:30PM in the Theatre and also Debi Derryberry  Saturday 29th at 11:00AM,  then finally                John Rhys-Davies  at Sunday the 30th at 12:00PM

For this will be our (as a family ) the 15th Winnipeg show we will be attending . As per the previous years I will be doing some Volunteering  at the show the rest of my time will be shopping and Interfacing  and Interacting with the many attendee’s at the show.  It is for me a time to meet up with many people I have met over the years, some of them coming in from as far away as England to attend the show.  one year we met a couple that have factored in – in their vacation time to attend they were from Australia .

So this show has been seen and Attended by people “FANS” from three points around this great world, If only they would have a registry for the Visitors from around the World  that would be most interesting to see the far reach the leadership of C4 has touched the planet .