Trudeau: Madame est Monsieur , Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce The President of the United States of America Mr Donald J Trump……… pause for effect

Trump: Thank you Thank you, i have just met with the Prime Minister of Canada, you know Justin Trudeau. And I can tell you I have had a good discussion with him, You know The leader of The Canada’s, Justin Trudeau.  I have brought to his Attention , Justin Trudeau you know Him  he,s a nice guy i have met him , I have talked To him,  Nice guy , seeing as this is the first time i have met with Him.  I told him about the thing called NAFTA , you know about nafta , it means Now America First Try Again . That’s right  N.A.F.T.A what we or I  Donald Trump the President of the United States of America believe I should renegotiate in good Faith(*1) . I the president of USA find that this agreement is a great insult to the American People(*2). we or I have told him you know Mr Pierre  .. I mean Justin Trudeau that I need to get more for America first. …. pause for crickets chirping. you what I ‘ Am trying to tell you Fellow future Americans,, oops sorry Fine Canadians is that we should work together to make America Great again….Pause again for more absolute silence.

French interputer : ahe tabernac Etat’s Unis President cest Putain de cul de chien muet passe-moi cette bouteille de Canadian Club, oh mon dieu j’ai besoin d’un boire dès maintenant.

Spanish interputer : Perro tonto maldito culo. me paso esa botella de Canadian Club oh mi Dios, necesito una bebida ahora.

*1 Faith means what The Donald wants he complains about the high cost to the Donald and not fellow Americans is. As we all know The Donald needs more profit for his children’s Future.. Heck it’s not like he ever paid any tax’s himself that’s for the poor smoo’s who voted him in.

*2 People ; the common folk who will gladly give me money that i will not declare on my imaginary Tax returns because after all I try to pooch the American people as hard and as often as I The Donald can. Yes that right I told the IRS my holding are only 39 million and I  then told “fourbe” oh sorry Forbuzzz that I  The Donald is worth 3 Billion. ha the smucks at the IRS bought it .

disclaimer this is just a prediction not the actual truth but just turn you head slightly to the right and cough. and no there will be no reach around .