11 days late but!!!

Here we go, It was brought to my attention that I had not a single photo on My phone from the last Manitoba Comic Con  show on April 1st and 2nd 2017. So I frantically searched through my phone and my computer to only realize this morning that. Me I  yes the Old Fart had borrowed out my cell phone so that they the nice volunteers at the show could scan the Tickets.

Now finally coming to the fact that Me and the other Geeks on this site have approximately 4 camera’s two video camera’s one very old Tape Camera like you see on the show the Goldberg’s . Oh boy I knew I forgot something that was proof of my Volunteering at a C4Winnipeg then it had dawned on me , that  I Asked a photographer that was doing the show Twyla Twalis  to take a photo of Myself along with  Actor Emma Caulfield of many TV iconic shows IE: Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Once Upon a Time, Fantasy Hospital and oops forgot about a Supergirl appearance.

Emma Caulfield watermark

I like this photo due to the fact that my Glass’s are sort of straight and the photographer had the kindness of hiding my Cane. please note that we had also interrupted Emma’s shopping at a vendors booth in order to get the shot. Also this is for the Wall of fame making it almost a solid wall of photos and Autographs

While I did have a chance to walk the floor of Manitoba Comic Con I got to say a long-lost HELLO to some of the Vendors and Friends.

The new section of the RBC Convention Center has some killer Art Work from Area  Artist and easy access for people with Handicaps making them one of the go to buildings in the area.

Attendance was remarkable being as it was a smaller Event than normal but just as many enthused visitors and CosPlayers were to be seen about . While standing at my post at the entrance to the show  I could not help but notice the rather large amount of the 3 Minute Artists works leaving the building and happy grins on the purchasers . The helpful Event volunteers and Directors were happily engaging patrons with nothing but smiles and directing them to where they wish to go. I say go Show for the team at C4Winnipeg

Until next time or until I hire a person with writing skills to post for Me I say Thank you for Attending and reading this post.