So we are getting read to Attend this little show of shows in Winnipeg at the end of or is it the Beginning of the Month. Either way it is a gift to my Daughter for Her birthday.

Going to see all the Voice actors involved with the making of Sailor Moon the English  version. I do not know much about this series but the fact that when  my kid was little this is all she watched every morning. In costume with Her little Sailor Moon wand. damm that got on my nerve right quick, thank god she was too young to know any better but when those batteries died I told a flat out DAD lie. “they don’t make those batteries anymore”

But I  l sort lost control of this real fast, The last time we went to a small show they spent their time hunting down toys,While I sat down at a panel with the Co-Creaters of the inking company from Winnipeg an listened to how they grew to large for Their abilities an sold out to what has become what we know as Pixar. they were a great couple of guys to learn from.

My personnel best purchase came from a small show . Thats where I found a local artist  who drew Who Ponies an they were great. This is what leads me an my Kids to going to these small shows its like finding a gold coin in the bottom of a old box in the shed. Its that kind of high.

Anyhow see you at the Showjust click on the link to find out more.