So This is really how a backyard really looks like when your a lazy ass Home Owner like myself. As for blaming the lack of work on Winter cold , By the way it has been -30 plus for the last 87 days there have been 26 days this year alone a new record yea Manitoba. Now I ‘am notorious for procrastinating This weekend is the Anime festival an then of course I will find another excuse not to do the work.

There was a late Addition to the Wonderland Show an a new guest to which I have no clue who this person is but I have now been assured that “Dad your a geek an just drive me to the Show .” is the  theme of the weekend. My wife is asking do we have to get up early to go to this show to which I replied, Uh No we are just attending not hosting or Volunteering.  So I will See you fellow  Geeks at the show an will be finally taking some photos with Me in them.backyard under