While I’ve been adamantly trying to move my sights and not see anything that could be remotely placed in the “spoiler” bucket, what I’ve seen of the new Sailor Moon anime that’s been in the works is…Mixed. While I worry about how far they’re willing to go with this reboot, that’s not what makes me so…Off about this. What makes me feel off is the art style.
Oh wow, the artist of the family is gonna talk about the art oooooohhhh noooo!
But hear me out.

tumblr_n4p2ma0UMn1s6p1czo1_1280While I’m happy that Sailor Moon herself is shorter than the rest (she is supposed to be 4’11”!), I’m mostly confused over how different each Sailor Scout looks like. As if it was drawn by different people trying to mimic the same style. Neptune’s fuku looks off to me – she’s missing the shoulder like pads that the Sailor Scouts are commonly drawn with. Aren’t the suits suppose to be like…Space suits?

One thing that also seems to bother me so far is how different Sailor Moon is form the others. Oh, I know how many times her outfit gets throughout the original series. From longer skirts to bonus colours, Sailor Moon changes due to her power ups and abilities.

But she’s look too special. Too unique I would say.

…Honestly, I’m really excited about this reboot.

I just don’t know how I feel about the art style.