So today We got a garden shed delivered. The reason behind getting the shed is so that there is ample storage room in the Garage for all the Toys, collectibles, buhnomes figure an Posters. Now I am not a carpenter I need instructions for assembly . yes i have a p.eng but I did not design nor would I have just delivered the  not assembled shed like it was a box of Lego,s broken in transit. Anyhow with the aide of my Daughter we will begin to build Tomorrow, pictures an maybe some audio will follow. every thing will of course be uncensored. after all I watch the HGTV channel like a pro an thought it would only take three days to put hardwood flooring in the house, Oohh Doggy was I wrong about that one. by about Two months an 20000 dollars. so her goes a shed that from day one should only cost 878 dollars.