Sorry that I am a little late on the review of the Book.

Well RAE OF HOPE by Marianne Curtis of Manitoba is a very well compiled book of survivor stories. There are  an is many a tear to be shed reading this. But none more than the Chapter submitted by Leah Parsons and followed by the story of Crazy Pete to finish the run.

My self I have never been Bullied even though until i turned 13 I was a mere 3ft 8 inches tall in high school but I was not the shortest kid that year, I was in Company with many a fellow short student, then of course i had several 6 inch summers then making me a a larger small person. But still I defended the small or sometimes even the large,

This book covers all kinds and variations of Bullying should be sent to all schools no matter what their designation is Public , Lingual , Private or Religous.

As for the section on workplace and Adult bullying Should be not only read aloud  at works meetings there are Several Church Groups that could learn from this.