Lately in the new be it on Television or in print, I have been noticing a trend toward the Fact that all the Politician’s that we vote into power are playing the Game of Woes.

I remember when they Ran for office they threw out such great promise’s of Change and Help towards the fellow man. But once they had job security they all got the same attitude. There must be a hand out or a Job description binder they get when starting that states. Welcome to My regime Now Follow what I say and you will be paid handsomely.

They promised a fight against Gun registry, They were going to fight for the basic rights of Every Human to be housed and Feed . Then , Then as we watched they gave themselves a very good raise.

Second Verse

Every story on a Certain news Network are towards playing the middle, or as we use to call it in the old day Shit Disturbing.  On Monday its the fault of party “X” on Tuesday Party ‘Y” claims that it is party “W” meanwhile in Lala Land  there are three lines drawn in the sand. And who cross’s the line first NEWS Networks.

Yes there will always be shooting , Robberies, Famine , War and of course the newest trend Celebrities’ trying to be Royalty, and once they achieve the status they want they need more like a drug addict.

As humans we should just try to cure the area around us, Fix what’s going on in your yard first then worry about your neighbours, Sometimes the neighbour need’s help yes we help them. But lets not fall for the “Grandparents Scam”  not all of these so called crimes against humanity need us some of them are fundraisers. After all how of us really have a rich Uncle in Africa that left billions in a bank account and you need to send money to get the key to unlock the secret. (my favorite Scam that has been tried on me).

I wish I could name networks or point to certain colours that they represent but it is obvious their subliminal prompting is just Lazy. The best ting anyone can do is just Read, Read the papers read the locals or even the Coffee news that your glancing at in their might be the next great story.

Politician’s Lie , Protesters bend the truth to their favor , News Networks run it all so they can get the soap company to give them more money, Remember it comes down to this