Well at the C4con.com in Winnipeg last weekend my Daughter or this site’s co-writer/bloger was sitting at the Cre8ive table and helping out or in my words gettin a lost of lessons and learning a lot about art. The Shop Owners or partners in art Val and Shawn and Cindy were all very helpful in leaning my Kid towards being a open a free artist. She has grown n the past few years in her ability to interact with other in a very strange and open environment. Marly has grown in her art, she has been given the chance to see what the other artist have to deal with and to have strange people fondle and criticize her work.  All in all Marly has handled this well, She is totally enthused to do another show.

    Marly got so excited that she went out and purchased her own . industrial/commercial printer. So next year when C4Winnipeg  or any other NPO ask’s her to submit work she will be prepared. Plus she can print and send her commisions thru the mail with out us going to the Printers (who shall not be named) .Marly