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So this year at C4Winnipeg We once again as a Family did our version of going to DisneyLand . Only we had just as much fun at a way lower budget. Being that I have been a volunteer at this event for several year , this was my first year as a PART TIME/ Volunteer and a Part Time Super Freeking Geek. thus the name thebackyardgeeks.com .  Over the years of being a Volunteer I have been privy to Meeting a lot of Celebrities . Let me be perfectly clear ( not to quote a so called Leader) but having talked with the Actor’s and Actress’ over the years, I have meet them on a normal level.

     I will never give out the contents of our conversations as they were in either the Green Room or during a moment of when they just wanted to be themselves’. Like I have said to many of them ( Celebrities )  I do not envy their Fame. yes I would like to be a Actor but all the lack of privacy they go through is not worth it sometimes.  

     Reading some of the ” Stars” tweets and seeing what they have to put out there for our gain and little hit of Adrenaline/Endorphin rush we get is not worth their lack of being Normal some of them wish for. I always ask myself when I see a Celebrity in or at a restaurant/store do they want to be disturbed for a Photo op that only you will remember?.

Now don’t get me wrong a lot of my friends are trying to get to the level of Fame that 90% of  even “D” list people are at . But why is not anamininity not worth the Sanity( wisdom and Prudence ) of being real, A teacher is proud that their students recognize them in public that means that they”The Teacher ” is having a meaning full impact on said Students life.

     Then this morning i read a post from AP Fuchs regarding how he was in awe of meeting all his Peer’s / Celebrities.  just know this first hand is really funny, There are a few stories of how the Famous also get giddy when they meet their Idols.  Myself i have witnessed this several times while relaxing in the VIP lounge and having been misconstrued as a Artist many times is quite funny to me, but to see a Famous person get all and to Quote” Nerdy/Starstruck ” is just incredible. 

So this year 2015 we the family gathered to pose with Sylvester McCoy of Dr Who and the Hobbit series . He was pleasant and kind both with the little time in the autograph session and the photo op, But alas He was just as nice in person in the Green room.

The same goes for Actress Gates McFadden she was also very charming and pleasant. McFadden C4 2015and down to earth with the way she was around us the support staff, It was like she was a Family member , whe would not let us do iour job because she was more then willing to do it herself like she didn’t want to Impose on us. Hmmm this was different and nice. also I saw this in other members of the Star Trek Cast


So without further boring rants here are this years Photo ops one o which will become our new background photo I hope!Sylvester McCoy  C4 201520151118