I know I live in the land where most of Canada’s Worst drivers are found. But on Aug 4th at about 1330h I was driving north on Hwy 12 Through Steinbach Mb, . And while there is construction on the Why there is plenty of signage to warn drivers of traffic pattern changes, So when it came to for the Zipper merge in front of the old Joey own fish store , I had let about 100 feet of space for the  car that was to my Left to merge in front of me. But Nooo this driver just brings the  Maroon/ Burgundy Jeep With  Manitoba license plate BIKTOP does not merge like a sane human but like a person that was on the Cell phone and they without regard for me or my car almost take out the front end. If I did not slam on the brakes at that moment it would look like I had hit their car for they would have hit me in the front left corner. Now The #RCMP should have been called by me but , This being Steinbach , The driver would have quoted some Religious bible verse carp to prove how heavenly they are and the police would have taken their word over mine. Which i may add I have 1.986500 Miles of long distance  Truck driving without a single offence And have A spotless Driving record having never been pulled over, Ever.

Like I said in my rant on Twitter , next time I meet up with this driver the only reason the RCMP will be at their door is for a Accident notification to the surviving Family.

Normally I do not have Road Rage but this is just another person not giving a flying Eff about anyone but themselves. and I hope MPI see’s this rant for if there is a future claim against this vehicle .