is a personnel blog for Me and My Family. This include’s all the names on the info page.

Plus I have it set up that  auto-post’s  some “que” and messages from my tumblr site and CottonCanada , ,  and  Marinta . Now some of these posts appear on Facebook as though they are being posted at the time of instance, But “face-book” also has this program that take’s any site you visited throughout your history on –“face-book” and what ever you have searched through Google history and randomly post’s this to your “FACEBOOK” page without your knowledge until some point’s it out to you. Now these post’s happen whether you do actually post them or not.

So if your Employer or future employer is searching your “face-book” history to see if negative post’s are made by you/yourself/automation there is no separation of distinction on who or what actually did the posting, the algorithms used by Google and “FACEBOOK” are so interfering that you could have viewed a site to research a word’s meaning and the history believes that you are into or involved with that entity .

So if I were to go to your work place and was really interested I could find pron on anyone’s computer, I could find Hate mail , I could find you looking up how to apply make-up . Now i get hired to work on a lot of peoples computer’s to clean up the mess that some of their “golden-child ” has done, or in some instances where someone has inadvertently hit the phishing splash banner trying to hit the “X” in the corner. So for those who think that their shit does not stink , think about this .” I not only know where the skeletons are in your closet I can Effing name and date them if called upon by the law”.


Perry G Buote      Owner/Editor?/ HMFIC