The past few days I have been working too hard for my condition. And you see my problem is , is that I cannot say no to people who ask for help earnestly, I have been doing a lot of this . Shit to be honest I have done this all my life it is My upbringing from my Father (rest his soul) People ask Its just some little things I need done. Well these little things add up, and for me that means minus Mitochondria. and for you see Mitochondria are the little batteries that give your muscle’s energy. but alas I have loss the ability to repair and store these helpful muscle molecules thus the term of what I suffer from Mitochondrial Myopathy. Now I am not singling out one specific person although I really am. This is what puts ME in into the hospital and I really hate being there the beds are the most uncomfortable thing ever.
For you see I spend my year with hopes to volunteer and help a friend and his family with their dream C4 – Central Canada Comic Con. Now If I can Help My Friend and Their Family as I have been for over 10 years I Believe that you can Too