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Interested in a Magical Girl comic series? Loving the idea of science, alchemy, and ancient magic all mixing together? Mythic creatures, spirits of rings, magicians and even adorable familiars?
Also, does an interesting story style, a unique anime-esque design and a little – say – romance?

Well, how about you read The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by one and only Bwillett? You know, the creator of the one and only Cardcaptor Torika – a CardCaptor Sakura fan comic? Or even known for her work as the creator of Midnight Menagerie, a horror series of a young boy named Shawn Wilcocks?

You might be wondering, what is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice all about? What you gave us isn’t selling us yet – what could else could we know?

Well, its about a young, seventeen year old girl named Victoria Evans. Who is, in all honestly, not as normal as she may seem to be. While being in love with creating her own clothing as an artistic out light, she’s also into history. And while her best friends are the head of the Drama Club and the only female on an all male wrestling team…She never quite expect for her whole world to be turn upside down after a school trip to the museum.

Upon finding a seemingly ordinary ring and accidentally putting it on, she unleashed a world of traumatic changes and unexpected surprises. Inside the ring resided Allister – a soul who locked himself inside of the ring to seal up the horrors of the world. With his knowledge and expertise of all things magic, he and Victoria must destroy what has been unleashed onto the world…

What else happens? Well, you just need to read the comic online all the way from chapter one.

Bwillet, herself, while being a terrific author and artist alike, has a little predicament in her life currently. I wont get into details, since its not my place to say, but I do recommend giving her commission listing a check and perhaps even ordering her books online when you get a chance.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, along with Midnight Menagerie are two wonderful series made by a wonderful creator, and I can not stress enough of how much it’ll mean to both her and I if you give her some traffic. Besides, you might just find something you’ll enjoy on her site.

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