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We all know what caricatures are; lovely renditions of a person’s face with some exaggerations to key features, often are insulting or flattering, and are amazing to look look at…?

Then you partly know what Kirkatures are. Kirkatures are based around caricatures, but they’re done by the wonderful local artist Adam Kirk. His Kirkatures (yes, I’m going to be calling them by that name now for this post!) are wonderful drawn and appealing to look at; in fact, I had one done for myself –

28B72609-4AD3-40D1-82FC-BE31CC3AAE95_zpshrb6a9lk – it’s one of the best things I’ve spent twenty dollars on, which for normal, everyday, non-Kirkatures caricatures…It’s a good price in my humble opinion. For events, he only charges 100 dollars – which is, again, a really wonderful price for an artist (in my opinion, he could so much better for his skill!).

Along with this wonderful Kirkatures, he also help work on an online comic series called “The Adventures of Spandex Panda“, a series about a Panda who lives a life of free style and bicycling – his main source of transpiration, leaving his home; the Bamboo Forest.

From the conversation I had with Adam, which was the greatest conversations I had this weekend,

You want to know more about Adam Kirk and the Spandex Panda? Well, click on the links below and enjoy them both in all of their wonderful nature.

Adam Kirk’s Site
How to get into contact with Adam
Spandex Panda