Well next week in Canada we here our Official Budget. Our not so Esteemed Prime Minister  is promising a balanced Budget. HOW????? . There is no way Any Canadian will give out of their pocket approximately 47,000 dollars each of their money. when I say each I mean every living Canadian the ones born today and the ones born 112 years ago. All the people that have migrated to Canada,, This means every one.

Now i Am not a Economist but even I understand that there is no way that our Deficit will be erased an we achieve a Balance . How will the province’s be able to work within this new restraint .

I am a retired by force person living on a Pension and let me tell you it sucks that yes I am paying 108.00 a year in income tax after all is said and done. So how much tax will now be deducted form my monthly allowance, and how about all the high income earners in Alberta ?? How will they pay willingly or by force? Calling a election because the price of oil dropped is not a solution. How about the Doctors, nurse’s , Police, and basically all the essential service people survive?

So how much is that Tooth repair going to cost you next year?  Gubber help you if your going to need a plumber or a electrician you can sure as shit know their fee’s are gong to go up..