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If you know me, you know that I love web comics. From the simple, single strip series to a long running series… I just really, really love web comics! They’re a great source of inspiration, ideas, and a source of budding, new, and wonderful artists of all styles, skill sets, and ideologies.

For this ‘series’ of recommendations, I’m going to list three web comics that I’m currently reading and enjoying.

Just a note: I’m going to be using artists who have multiple comics in progress. Expect a lot of repeats!

Bwillet Comics’ Midnight Menagerie

I’ve talked about Bwillet Comics before, and people know my love for their work, but I just need to repeat. Their work is wonderful.


So, what is Midnight Menagerie about? Its about a fresh-out-of-highschool boy named Shawn Wilcocks. Shawn is uncertain of what he wants to do in life; of who he wants to be, of what exactly he wants to work to be as a person. But one thing he does know – and love – is horror. Everything from Dracula to The Thing – chances are, Shawn watched them all, and is a thorough fan of it.

One day, he stumbles across a shop called MidNight Collectables. A humble shop that has nightly showings of all the things he loves. What he didn’t know is that by befriending the owner, his life changes.

One thing I need to bring up is that this is a “Yaoi”/Boy Love story. It does focuses  on a man/man pairing, and yes – there is going to be homosexuality heavily and not-so-heavily implied.

If you’re a bit skirmish around the subject of homosexuality then I apologize; this comic will not be for you.

If you are interested in this after that ~oh so dangerously important~ warning, here’s the start of the series.

Golden Dragon Girl’s Law of Purple

Ah, Law of Purple. Perhaps one of the longest running comic series I’ve read, and it’s still going strong!


Oh gosh, how can I summarize this series? It’s been going on since 2004. And a lot – and boy, I mean A LOT – happened in the course of style growth, story, and plot. Let me start by attempting to summarize the first “main arch” of it…

Escaping their egomaniacal Uncle, the last few of the royal family of the planet Caligula made their way above Earth…And suffered through a crash landing that got them separated.

Red, Blue, Green, and Whitey feared for their lives in the heist of the crash; meeting the humans that’ll help them reunite and attempt to over surge their Uncle from their home planet.

…Not before attempting to save their loved ones, move from their temporary home, and discover exactly HOW the human world works. And discover what exactly is “The Law of Purple”.

…Which perhaps, one of the best tie ins.

Hoo-boy, I didn’t do the series justice. But, what can I say? This series is long, jam packed in drama, humour, and romance that you’ll get lost if you choose to “skim” the first few chapters.

Just a fair warning – this series does not stop at merely implying. Sexual assault, polygamous relationships, hell, even interspecies relationships. Its defiantly not for the faint of heart.

But, that’s not going to stop me from recommending it for the world to read.

Here’s the start of the series – a warning for rough art at first, but trust me: it gets better fast.

KrazyKrow’s Spinnerette

Who hasn’t heard of Spinnerette? If you haven’t, I’m excited to say that you’re in for a great read.


Spinnerette, how can I summarize thee? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got bitten by a spider, would you gain super powers? Or, perhaps, a few more arms and the ability of shooting web…From the base of your arse?

Well, Spinnerette tackles that always thought question and more.  It starts with Heather Brown dropping her phone during an all-important news interview at her work. Sure, spiders crawl all around her, but she’s alright!

Until, that is, she gets her DNA infused with that of a spiders from your clumsy, foolish actions and a timely planned wrench fall! Which destroys your bosses work. Whoops!

Of course, the authorizes are called the next day – two of the local Super Heroes Black Tiger and Mecha Maid! Things don’t go easily from there on. The idea of being a Super Hero, and needing to learn how to your abilities are two different things.

And Heather has a lot to learn.

Spinnerette re-sparked my love of Super Hero comics. From it’s wacky, over-the-top pacing to it’s issue-centrice arching, it will re-spark the Super Hero nerd within you and make you wish you can – indeed – become a multi-armed Super Hero.

…That, or make you keep on reading. Either or.

Here’s the link to the first chapter – and whooo-boy, let me tell you…You’ll fall for the art style right a way with this one!

I’ll come back with more recommendations in the future, however I suggest that you all read the living day-lights out of these comics. Just open each up in a tab, and don’t stop reading.

Read until your eyes hurt, read until you can’t feel your butt! Read, read, read, and enjoy!

Until Next time,
Jesslyn “Marly” Buote
Lover of Web Comics, sadly an Author of None!